Wikileaks' Assange charged in US with 'treason'

January 13th, 2011


Wikileaks and Assange have been sources for tons of headlines in the past weeks, be it the actual publishing of the papers, Anonymous DDOS'ing sites like Mastercard and Paypal, the US government acting like a 12 year old who's friend just told the class he likes that girl he has been staring at for the past week and the people with opinions on the matter none really wants to hear but still get air time. now reports that Assange has been charged in the US for treason, this suprised me greatly since Assange isn't a US citizen so I had no clue how that would even be possible... well the first line in the article made me think "Oh, I should have known.": David Pitchford, a Florida trailer park resident...

The content of the article shows you that this trailer park resident does live up to the typical steriotype many people have, so enjoy the article here. :)

TF2 modifications: PREC

December 16th, 2010

In this forth edition of TF2 modifications I will talk about a very useful tool for anyone playing competitive TF2, it doesn't matter if it is 6v6, Highlander or whatever, this tool is able to do allot of the enforced measures (take status screenshots, record a demo, screenshot the results) in leagues and on top of that it can mark exceptional moments in your play.

The tool is called PREC and was created by Orange and this is what he has to say about it:
Pov-Record is a plugin made for easy demo recording in Team Fortress 2. It automatically records the matches you play.

Well that was the original idea, now it does much more as I said. :)


  • Download PREC
  • Create a folder called "addons" in ..\steamapps\Your account name\team fortress 2\tf\
  • Place the files in ..\steamapps\Your account name\team fortress 2\tf\addons

And that is all, you can configure the addon in TF2 itself, just go to Options > Multiplayer > Advanced ...
All the options that start with PREC are for the configuration of PREC.

Btw for the people who still play it, this also works for CS:S.


I have no idea what I will talk about in the next modification post but when I come across something useful I shall be sharing it.

Home is where the war is!

December 16th, 2010

Homefront, I have been following the development of this game ever since I seen it at Gamescom and I still cannot wait until I see the end product on March 11 2011, but for now we have to make due with this new trailer:

SpikeTV Video Game Awards

December 12th, 2010

During the SpikeTV Video Game Awards many game publishers announced there games for 2011, here are a couple of trailers.

Bioware has released the Mass Effect 3 trailer announcing the game release for the Holiday season of 2011.

Bethesda announces The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for 11-11-11.

Batman: Arkham City.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

Mortal Kombat 9, showing Kratos from God of War as a character.

TF2 modifications: Removing effects

November 25th, 2010

In this third update I will talk about one of the more advanced game modifications I use, for the people who don't want to mess with the files themselfes I will list a couple of variations of the modification which can be downloaded and I will be linking to a very useful thread for people who want to try there own settings.

The idea behind the mod is simple, you remove unusual hat effects or even complete hats that you do not like or get a better performance in the game. The idea originates from the people who started to dislike the hats because they simply do not fit in with the game's original game style. Why Valve went against there own guidelines still puzzles me and with the Policount update they went completely overboard, this triggered more and more people looking into ways to get the original look back and resulted in a thread on the SPUF with the answer until Valve gives people the option in the game.

Anyway on to the actual mod, I have 3 versions up for download:


  • Download one of the above files
  • Place the file in ..\Steam\steamapps\Your account name\team fortress 2\tf\scripts\items

That should be easy enough, but if you want to create your own files you can, I could write a big guide on how to do it but I believe posting the original source is much more useful for everyone as people are updating the thread on a daily basis with new information, this is why I will link you to the original instead.

Find more information here.

In the next modification report I will talk about PREC, an addon which does allot for you when you play competitive games (Highlander, 6v6, etc.).